#3-311 Cityview Blvd Vaughan, ON, L4H 3S7 905-760-0033

Party Rules and Regulations:

A $100.00, $200 or $400 deposit is required at time of booking. This deposit is non-refundable, non-transferable. Both Extreme and CandyLand packages cannot be downgraded. In case of conflict, a (1) time ONLY date change is permitted no later than (1) MONTH before your party date, subject to availability. The party will be for a total of 2hours (3 hours for CandyLand Package), after which all attendees must vacate the facility to avoid extra charges of $50/15minutes. Please arrive at the facility no earlier than 10 minutes before your scheduled party time.

All private party renters and their guests must comply with all of the policies and procedures set forth herein.  Release of liability and waiver forms must be signed by all guests attending the party and without the signed waiver for each child, you or your guests will not be allowed to use the facilities of CandyLand Indoor Play Centre (referred to as CLIPC from here on). If a child is dropped off with no supervision, the party host must ensure that the dropping off parent sign the waiver prior to drop off; without the signed waiver, that child will not be able to use the facility.

Children and all accompanying adults must wear non-grip socks to enter the facility. NO SOCKS, NO ENTRY.

Conduct and Safety: CLIPC is an unsupervised and shared play area.  All our equipment meets and exceeds C.S.A. Safety Standards but we ask that you closely supervise and monitor your children at all times.  Parents/Guardian of the children is completely responsible for the wellbeing and behaviour of their minor while on the premises.  Any child or adult during the duration of the party found to be destructive and or abusive in any form to the facility or to its staff will be asked to leave the premises.

Personal Property: CLIPC is not responsible for the clients and their guests’ personal property.  It is the sole responsibility of each person entering the facility to be responsible for all belongings. Lockers are provided for $2, (with a $10 refundable deposit) for those who wish to rent one. Under no circumstances will CLIPC take responsibility for any lost, missing or stolen property personal or otherwise and no monetary compensation is possible.

Food:  Only the following foods are allowed:  cold sandwiches, wraps, fruits and vegetables, drinks, chips, pizza and cake.  No rice, noodles and smelly hot food are allowed. NO other foods are allowed.  NO exceptions can be made. CLIPC is a peanut/nut aware facility. No alcoholic beverages are allowed. No popcorn, gum or candy is allowed on the premises. All outside foods bringing on to the facility from the above list will NOT contain peanuts/nuts.  Food and drinks must be consumed only in the eating areas.  No face painting, nor party decorations are permitted on the walls, nor pinatas nor confettis.  Failure to abide by the food rules, will result in immediate termination of your party whereby you will also lose your deposit.

Damage and cleaning:  Any excessive damage done to the CLIPC’s facility or property shall be billed to the client for either replacement or repair.  Any excessive mess (at the discretion of the staff) caused by children or adults resulting in extra cleaning of the CLIPC and its property shall be charged an additional cleaning fee of ($150.00).  Any additional damage to the facility and its contents or property shall be charged accordingly. 

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